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Managing an investment portfolio can be complex and challenging especially during periods of economic uncertainty. 

Our portfolio management ideology is borne from key principles and over 20 years of personal and professional investment experience.  West Cape Wealth Management has a proven capability of delivering consistent risk adjusted returns through numerous market cycles.  We understand and acknowledge that individual attitudes to risk differ and therefore it is necessary to tailor the composition of our private client’s portfolio accordingly.

We strongly believe that identifying key portfolio management principles and sticking with them is crucial to long term successful investment outcomes.

Our key investment principles are as follows:


Valuation Matters

We employ a value-based investment philosophy when selecting and pricing portfolio investments. We place great emphasis on understanding and estimating a fair value estimate of the assets we own through all market cycles.



Liquidity Matters

We have the capacity to increase cash and short-term fixed interest investment allocations when we believe market conditions require.  Our belief is cash provides liquidity and defensiveness in falling markets and provides significant purchasing power to buy assets in the future.  This is an important point of difference in our approach and critical to the protection of capital through the investment cycle. 



Asset Allocation Matters

We diversify portfolios at the asset class and individual security level to manage risk and protect your capital.  Asset Allocation is a key focus as we believe this is a major determinate in portfolio performance.



Collaboration Matters

The pool of global investment markets is very large.  We have developed long-standing relationships with best in class investment managers both domestically and globally to ensure the best ideas and strategies are included in our client portfolios.  In addition we maintain strong relationships with key industry experts that provide us guidance on a broad range of business, investment and macroeconomic issues.



Risk Adjusted Returns Matter

Unlike most institutional portfolio managers, we do not blindly track benchmarks or indices and therefore our portfolios do not replicate benchmark or index weightings.  Because we do not focus our attention on beating a benchmark, we do not have to stay fully invested at all times.  Instead we target a realistic risk adjusted net return (measured against inflation) for each individual client portfolio through the investment cycle.  



Emotions Matter

Understanding that markets can fluctuate and may be inefficient in the short term is crucial to controlling emotional biases that underpin most investors decision making.   By controlling our emotions, we can take advantage of mis-pricing in markets, when fear or greed drive investor behavior.  Such situations provide excellent opportunities to build quality long-term portfolio positions or alternatively reduce risk.


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